Our Nursery is full of plants, shrubs, and trees oh my!


As you can see and view in our Nursery we carry hard to find items. In stock at all times we have:

  • 1 gallon plants
  • 5 gallon plants
  • 15 gallon vines plants
  • 15 gallon trees
  • 24 box trees
  • 36 box trees
  • 48 box tress
  • Over 20 different types of  decorative rock in all sizes
  • DG decomposed granite
  • 3,8; 3,4; 1 to 2″; 6 to 12″
  • Rip Rap/ drainage gravel

If we don’t have what your looking for we can get it to you with 48 hours! How’s that for service?


Family and some Fireman Equipment


Nursery some new pictures


From the Nursery


Fireman Landscape Equipment

Nursery stock, just to show you a few


We keep a nice stock of Decorative Rock


We have a huge stock of plants


Here are more plants and shrubs


We also carry bricks for when we have to build a wall


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